Commemorating 35 Years
of Pure Innovation
35 years of providing high purity fluid management products to industries such as semiconductor manufacturing. Learn more Commemorating 35 Years<br> of Pure Innovation
Best of State Trebor was recognized as an outstanding business in Utah and was awarded the 2013 Best of State for Chemicals and Related Products. Read More Best of State
Rev6 - Pulseless and Efficient Our MagLev pump has changed the game in chemical pumping. Learn More Rev6 - Pulseless and Efficient
High Flow & High Reliability The Mega 120 is based on the market proven performance and reliability of the Mega 960. The Mega 120 is our highest flowing pump. Learn More High Flow & High Reliability
Evolved For Your Process The Evolve 55 is our latest pump technology for high temperature applications, with improved leak protection and diaphragm performance features. Read more Evolved For Your Process
Custom Heating Solutions –
Like No Other
No other company in the world can do what we can with heaters. Our thin film on quartz resistive heating technology is capable of multiple configurations including packaging, power, and plumbing. From standalone units to inline components, we can design around the needs of your process. Learn More Custom Heating Solutions – <br> Like No Other
Peerless Performance No other company in the world can do what we do with heaters. Trebor’s heaters are unlike any other heating technology on the market because of our thin film on quartz electric resistive technology. Learn More Peerless Performance



Utah Best of State Award
Best of State Award Winner for Chemicals and Related Products

Trebor was recognized for its innovation, contribution to the local economy, and achivements.

Winner of IDEX Chairman Award

Trebor was recognized as the business unit of the year for its 2012 performance.