NEWMega 255

The new Mega 255 sets the standard in high flow chemical delivery. This ultra-high pure chemical delivery pump uses Trebor’s proven technology to meet the needs of even the toughest applications. The Mega 255 is everything you expect from Trebor pumps but more!

UF-Series Heater

Trebor's newest ultra flex heater is unlike any other heater on the market.  This new heater can be used in gas or liquid applications and features a flexible design that can easily be integrated into existing systems.  This new and cutting edge heater combines ultra-high purity materials, fast response times, a crevice-free design and customized configurations to provide an ideal solution for any application.

T25 & T100

The first of our T-Series pumps are now available!
The T25 and T100 pumps feature new, innovative technology
that make them our best pumps yet.

Quantum NXT

The Quantum NXT is the next generation of heating technology. Featuring Trebor's thin-film on quartz resistive technology, this heater improves on Trebor's already unmatched response time, temperature accuracy, and unprecedented reliability. A modern user interface and updated controls provide more flexibility and precision in DI water processes.



STI Supplier of the Year Award

Trebor was recognized by Korean OEM, STI Co., LTD for excellent delivery performance in 2017. STI also recognized Trebor for stellar customer service and innovative solutions.

Winner of IDEX 2015 Growth Excellence Award

Trebor was awarded the "IDEX 2015 Growth Excellence Award".