Product Overview

Trebor® has a long history of relationships in chemical processing industries is the reason we’re able to create products that help you effectively manage your process. Trebor® started as a high purity pump company, but quickly realized that internal knowledge of chemical heating was important and valuable to its customers. So, Trebor® evolved into more than a pump company and our product strategy is to continually create product solutions for your needs, whether it’s a pump, a heater, or an accessory. Following that product strategy, we are excited to introduce new heating and pumping products to the market as we continually develop alongside our customers and the larger market to ensure that our products are market-driven.


Our pumps are designed for continuous operation in aggressive and process critical applications. That includes processes with the most aggressive chemical mixtures known in the industry. We use 100% virgin plastic resins, such as PTFE, PFA, and PP, because we know that maintaining purity is a critical element in your process. Trebor® pumps are distinct from other AODD pumps because they are designed to move fluid through the center of the pump, whereas others move fluid through the sides of the pump. In addition, our diaphragms are free-floating, which creates much less mechanical stress on the diaphragm than compared to other pumps. This design was originated by Trebor® in 1976 and has been replicated by many others due to its benefits. We consider that a compliment.

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Our heaters are designed to quickly heat fluids in a single pass with no metal components in the fluid path. We offer two types of heaters; inline chemical heaters and deionized water heaters. Our inline chemical heaters are popular because of their modular capabilities, size, and heating efficiency. They can be manufactured in series or in parallel to fit your space and achieve the constant temperature your process requires. These heaters have some unique design features that prevent bacteria growth, still water, or particle traps and therefore increase the yield of your process. Our deionized water heaters are designed to reliably heat and deliver DI water in an all-enclosed system that’s remarkably easy to repair and service. Our customers appreciate the user controls and graphical interface, which are integrated into the heater enclosure.

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