Commemorating 40+ Years of Pure Innovation

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1977 First Prototype Pump Built
(Model 500)

1979Founded by Robert Orr

1983Teflon Immersion Deionized Water Heaters are Created

19862200 Series
(Thick Film)
DI Water
Heater Launched



HydroDry Rinse and Dryer Model 5000 Introduced and Patented

1991Model 2472 Series DI Water Heater Launched


1992Magnum 610 launched

Model 110 launched


1993Boss 700 launched

Model 125 (Thick Film) DI Water Heater Launched


1994HydroDry Rinse and Dryer Model 5100 Launched

New Facility Constructed in West Jordan, Utah


1996Mega 960 Launched

Magnum 620 Launched


1997T and Q DI Water Heaters Launched (Teflon Heaters)

Quartz Heating Modules (Thin Film) Introduced in DI Water Heaters

Maxim Series Pumps Launched (Maxim 50 and Maxim 25)

1998Maxim 50 Pump Awarded “Best Product” by Semiconductor International

Inline Chemical Heater Launched

1999Champion SL20 Pump Launched

2000Trebor Acquired
by IDEX Corporation

2001Quantum DI Water Heater Launched

2002Quantum DI Water Heater Awarded “Best Product” by Semiconductor International
Purus 20 Pump Launched


2005PureBlend Mixer Launched

2012Trebor Receives IDEX “Chairman’s Award”

2013Trebor awarded Best of State for Chemicals & Related Products

Evolve 55 Pump Launched




This year marks over 40+ years of business for Trebor International and we are proud to commemorate this anniversary.

Experts in business psychology state that companies that endure for a long period of time demonstrate resilience and adaptability. Such companies are focused on creating value for the market, staying true to their values, getting top level performance from employees, staying nimble, and being adaptable to unexpected shocks in their market. Few other companies in our market can claim those characteristics over such a long period of time and we are proud to be known as one of the oldest high purity chemical pumping and heating companies.

Trebor started with a unique product offering, unlike any other the market had ever experienced before. As the product line, customer base, and competition expanded, it became clear that something else differentiated Trebor -- its people and their commitment to service.

That difference has enabled a sustainable business and has allowed us to experience the growth of the semiconductor industry from its infancy to an industry that effects global economics. Regardless of economic challenges in the market, Trebor has stayed the course and has remained committed to its customers with the goal of advancing the state of technology in the industry.

No anniversary is possible without thanking the many people that helped make it a reality. From the company's founder and the original manufacturing team to the corporate leadership of IDEX Corporation and our external partners, there are many people who have influenced the Trebor culture, its growth, and its future.

To our suppliers, we say thank you for being so diligent and committed to helping us achieve our business goals. Your partnership is unmatched and appreciated.

To our customers, we say thank you for collaborating with us and helping us understand how we can better serve you. Without you, there is no Trebor.

To the employees of Trebor, past and present, we say thank you for giving your time and energy to the company. Each of you have helped make Trebor the company it is today.

Today, the Trebor team is even more focused on delivering highly engineered, quality products to each customer’s expectations.

Looking forward, many more years of success and enjoyment will be had through determination, execution, and service.

If you have any stories of your experience with Trebor from the past 40+ years that you'd like to share, please email TreborMarketing@idexcorp.com.