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Signature Service Providers (SSP) are distributors located around the world that are authorized by Trebor to perform repairs, rebuilds, and service, including warranty work, on Trebor products outside of the Trebor Facility. SSPs may also sell post warranty service and maintenance plans.

Authorized SSPs improve customer satisfaction by reducing shipping lead times and total turn-around time for product maintenance and repair.

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To become an SSP, distributors are required to complete a minimum of one week of product training at Trebor headquarters. To maintain an SSP, distributors must maintain minimum of one trained and certified technician on staff at all times, to stock necessary spare parts and products for service or replacement in their territory, to have necessary equipment and facilities to perform tests and repairs of Trebor Products, to allow for on-site inspection of their facilities by a designated Trebor Representative, and to undergo random audits of equipment and inventory.

Service Procedure

The service procedure used by an SSP is identical to the procedure used by Trebor. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) from the customer should initiate all service requests. For pumps, the customer needs to get an RMA from the SSP, and then must complete a Pump Return Data Sheet, which includes rinsing the pump with DI water. Indication of whether or not the pump was used in a copper process must be indicated. If a pump was used in a copper process, the box it was returned in must have a CU label applied. Once this is complete, the pump may be shipped to the SSP for testing.

The SSP must complete a Trebor Pump Evaluation Report for each RMA submitted. After Trebor has reviewed the Pump Evaluation Report and authorization from the customer has been initiated, the SSP will repair or rebuild the pump as required.

Environmentally Responsible

We understand the impact our operations have on a local, regional, and global scale. We address environmental concerns by offering rebuild service, which decreases the overall waste from a single pump. The Trebor Rebuild Program makes it possible to prolong the life of pumps by rebuilding them at an SSP location.

In addition, we continue to work with our suppliers to reduce the number of shipments to decrease excessive emissions. We’re also doing what we can at our facility to reduce energy consumption through behavioral change, such as decreasing use of electricity, paper products, and water.

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