Evolve 55

Max Flow

57 LPM (15 GPM)

Max Temperature

212 °F (100 °C)

Max Pressure

100 PSIG (0.69 MPa)


PTFE/PFA fluid path
Perlast™ or PTFE fluid port adapter seals




LED/Flat Panel
Chemical Processing


The Evolve 55 is an evolutionary design of one our most popular and reliable pumps, the Maxim 50. With the help of our customers, we designed the Evolve 55 with improved performance and reliability in mind.

First, we focused on improving the life and performance of the diaphragms by incorporating a patent pending diaphragm seal design along with our new Diffuser Head™ technology.

Second, we focused on decreasing the potential for leaks by improving head and body seals and by incorporating Perlast® sealing technology in the fluid ports, which were specifically developed to meet the demands of high purity, moderate pressure applications, such as semiconductor wafer processing, bio-analytical processing, and pharmaceutical processing.

Third, we focused on making improvements with cost as the driving factor. We worked with our suppliers to drive down costs and to improve our own manufacturing yields. In addition, the Trebor® team, along with our suppliers, developed a new method of manufacturing, called Precision Thermal Set Construction™, which combines molding and machining parts to allow for cost savings without compromising accuracy.

  • reliable operation in various applications because of patented non-stall air logic design
  • safe, pneumatic operation with clean, dry air or nitrogen
  • non-penetrated, double layer PTFE diaphragms
  • high suction capability because of patented floating PTFE check valves
  • user serviceable
  • clean room assembled, tested, and packaged
Control Styles

  • Evolve 55D for distribution and deadhead applications
Fluid Port Connections

  • Perlast® O-ring adapter
  • PTFE gasket adapter
  • ¾” Pipe Stubout
  • ¾” Tube Stubout
  • ½” Flare
  • ¾” Flare
  • 1” Flare
  • ¾” Pillar
  • ¾” Female NPT
Surge Suppressor

  • SS40
  • SS85
  • SS95
Other Options

  • Leak Probe
  • End of Stroke Probe
  • Cycle Probe