Inline Deionized Water Heater


208, 400

Max Flow

28 LPM (7 GPM)

Flow Rate

0.53 to 7.40 GPM
(2.01 to 28.01 LPM)

Max Temperature

212 °F (100 °C)

Max Pressure

80 PSIG (0.55 MPa)


CE, Semi S2


LED/Flat Panel
Chemical Processing


Trebor’s Inline Deionized Water Heaters utilize the same reliable and efficient heating technology featured in our deionized water and inline chemical heaters. Our thin film on quartz, electric resistive technology sets us apart from other heating technology because of the combination of a high purity fluid path, a quick ramp up time and crevice free design.

This heater is well-suited as a plug and play option for a variety of applications and processes, especially with fluids that need to be heated quickly, and for point of use systems. The Inline Deionized Water Heater was designed to be a scalable solution for heating pure water in tight spaces, so plumbing and sizing can be customized for your system.

  • Thin film on quartz electric resistive technology
  • High purity fluid path
  • Quick ramp up time
  • Crevice-free design
  • No need for purging
  • Scalable solution for heating pure water in tight spaces
  • Plug and play option for a variety of applications and processes

  • Customizable starting at 3kW 208V
Fluid Port Connections

  • F04: 1/4” Flare
  • F06: 3/8” Flare
  • F08: 1/2” Flare
  • F12: 3/4” Flare
  • X04: 1/4” Super 300 Pillar
  • X0: 1/2” Super 300 Pillar
  • X12: 3/4” Super 300 Pillar
Other Options

  • liquid level sensors
  • leak sensors
  • over-temperature interlocks