Magnum 610

Max Flow

36 LPM (10 GPM)

Max Temperature

212 °F (100 °C)

Max Pressure

60 PSIG (0.41 MPa)


PTFE/PFA fluid path
Viton® (FKM) or FFKM air side seals
PTFE wetted seals




LED/Flat Panel
Chemical Processing


The Magnum 610 was designed with the help of end-users to meet the needs of chemical recirculation applications with moderate flow rates. It’s a simple, compact design that utilizes few moving parts for improved reliability.

  • reliable operation in various applications because of patented non-stall air logic design
  • safe, pneumatic operation with clean, dry air or nitrogen
  • adjustable exhaust muffler for steady operation in high back pressure/low flow conditions
  • high suction capability because of patented floating PTFE O-ring check valve
  • non–penetrated, double layer PFA diaphragm
  • user serviceable
  • clean room assembled, tested, and packaged
Control Styles

  • 610R for recirculation
  • 610E for user defined
  • 610NM for completely non-metallic
Fluid Port Connections

  • ¾” Flare Tube Adapter
  • ¾” PFA Tube Stubout
  • ½” Flare Tube Adapter
  • No Adapter
Surge Suppressor

  • SS40
  • SS85
  • SS95
Other Options

  • FFKM Seals
  • Ceramic Shuttle (for the 610R only)
  • Air Filter
  • Cycle Probe (for the 610R only)