Mega 120

Max Flow

120 LPM (32 GPM)

Max Temperature

212 °F (100 °C)

Max Pressure

80 PSIG (0.55 MPa)


PTFE/PFA fluid path
All wetted seals are PTFE




LED/Flat Panel
Chemical Processing


As process flow requirements increased across several industries, our customers began asking for a pump with higher flow capabilities. Out of this demand and ensuing conversations with customers, Trebor developed the Mega 120.

  • Reliable Operation In Various Applications Because Of Patented Non-Stall Air Logic Design
  • Safe, Pneumatic Operation With Clean, Dry Air Or Nitrogen
  • High Suction Capability Due To Patented Floating PTFE O-Ring Check Valve
  • Non-Penetrated, Double Layer PTFE Diaphragm
  • Immediate Response To System Backpressures (D-Style Control Only)
  • User Serviceable
  • Clean Room Assembled, Tested, And Packaged
Control Styles

  • 120E For User Defined
  • 120D For Distribution And Deadhead Capability
Fluid Port Connections

  • 1 ¼” Flare w/ Molded PFA and PTFE Seal
  • 1” PFA Pipe Adapter (for custom fittings)
  • No Adapter
Surge Suppressor

  • SS85
  • SS95
Other Options

  • Viton® Or FFKM Air-Side Seals
  • Cycle Probe (120D Only)
  • Remote Exhaust
  • Leak Probe